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CarPsyco84 07-01-2017 12:35 PM

Fuel gauge information 1g
Anyone know anything about how the fuel gauge and light work on a 91 dsm? I am scratching my head as to why this gauge won't read right, and why my low fuel light no longer comes on.

What I know so far:
Not the sender, tried 2 different ones, they ohm out fine.
ground is good on the top of the cover
on the sender line I see about 6.2V with out it hooked up, gauge shows empty, but the second you hook it up it goes to 1.2V even with the sender at empty. The gauge then settles in at about 3/4 full. That doesn't seem right.
And the light, I am not really sure how that works, I have no voltage on that signal wire, and only 30 ohms back to ground... so considering whatever that thing does its just a grounding loop, not sure how that is going to work.
What's confusing is that gas light used to work, but the gauge never has since I had it. always thought it was the sender, but now I am finding out it is something else.

Any ideas? I starting to run out of them...

CarPsyco84 07-01-2017 02:44 PM

Re: Fuel gauge information 1g
Nm, I found it... Was a bad trace on the ground in the cluster... Was missing 5 other indicator lamps also... And it also fixed the gauge readout so it's correct now too

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