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Carl's 98 auto AWD project Black Magic

Last weekend my buddy and I went to Chicago and picked up my new project. It is a black 1998 Eclipse GSX auto. I was looking for a car that I could drive on a semi daily baises so A back seat for my daughter was a must have and with the auto my wife could drive it with no learning curve.. This car is only slightly modified and is in very good shape inside and out. Newer paint, leather and 18” wheels were just iceing on the cake.

Currently the car has , Supra side mound intercooler W/hard pipes Greddy type S BOV, Exhaust (dumped o2 housing, 2.5”down pipe, 3”catback W/test pipe) air filter, MBC and 255 fuel pump. It also has a large trans cooler already installed and trans temp and boost gauges. For tuning the car also has H8 flash able ECU so I can tune like the Evos using ECUflash and open port 2.0 cable, and a eprom tcu for the transmission for line pressure and shift points.

Future mods will include (probly in this order)

Cleaning up some minor issues with the interior
Drivers side speaker grill pops out.
Drivers side A-pillar is missing because previous owner had A-pillar mounted gauges and never replaced it.
Install my LC1 wideband from my Laser

Get the open port 2.0 cable and start to learn and understand ecuflash
1st I need to turn off the check engine light for rear O2 and EGR
2nd I need to raise the fuel cut limit the T-25 in cold weather has been hitting it around 15psi(might be boost leak too)

After I get it solid and I understand tuning with ECUflash future mods will be
Reprogrammed TCU for Line pressure and shift points
Tran slab shift kit
End clutch kit
Injectors/E85 swap
EVO3 16G or comparable billet unit (HTA68/ MAP EF2)
New O2 housing open dump is annoying
HKS 272 from my Laser
1G throttle body

Lowering springs
black wheels (survey to come, use my cobra's or get these wheels coated)

And what you’ve all been waiting for pictures.

Project Black Magic
11.35 @ 120mph

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