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flips McGee
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How Twin-Scroll Works

Found this on the net, thought I'd share:

A twin scroll turbine housing uses dual side by side passages into the housing. When coupled with a pulse converter manifold that separates exhaust pulses as many crank degrees in the firing order as possible, a twin scroll or divided housing works to reduce lag, decrease exhaust manifold backpressure on the top end, reduce the potential for reversion, and increase fuel economy

The twin scroll is based off the same theory a tri-Y 4-> 2 ->1 header uses: keep spent exhaust gases out of an adjacent cylinder drawing in fresh air. At high rpm on a turbo car, exhaust backpressure is usually significantly higher than atmospheric pressure, and often higher than intake manifold pressure as well. A divider between each of the two volutes allows the cylinders to expel the exhaust gases without it interfering with the fresh air for combustion. Since there are two openings, each a smaller overall volume than a single scroll design, the exhaust velocity of each pulse can be maintained. This also spins the impeller more easily because lag is a function of the scroll area.

A single turbine housing opening isn't as efficient in the larger turbo applications since cylinders on the exhaust stroke of the 4 stroke cycle contaminate the cylinders that are on overlap with exhaust gas, thus a conventional turbine housing is not as effective in using exhaust pulse energy to help spin the turbine up to speed since it does not exploit the energy contained in the pulses as well.
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Re: How Twin-Scroll Works

Thanks for that, much appreciated learned some more about divided housings.
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Re: How Twin-Scroll Works

good information is always apreciated
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wants to be sideways...
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Re: How Twin-Scroll Works

Good bit of information. Thanks for posting.
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Re: How Twin-Scroll Works

Interesting, thanks for posting.

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